January 05 2011, category: Misc, by: Adam

Miami’s most famous former Catholic priest, Fr. Alberto Cutié, is blasting the Church, saying there are gay priests at “all levels” and that the Church would never be able to function without them.

Cutié, who was forced out of the Diocese of Miami after photos surfaced showing the priest kissing his then girlfriend (they’re now married with a baby daughter), has now written a book, Dilemma: A Priest’s Struggle with Faith and Love, which was released today.

According to the Miami Herald, Cutié writes that the Church’s insistence on celibacy has led directly to the sex-abuse scandals and ever-smaller numbers of new priests. He says Church leaders are “hypocrites” who knowingly accept both heterosexual and homosexual relationships, but attack them when they become public:

“There are so many homosexuals, both active and celibate, at all levels of clergy and Church hierarchy that the church would never be able to function if they were really to exclude all of them from ministry,” Cutié writes.

Cutié, who is now an Episcopal priest in Miami, writes in his book that he had begun to grow disillusioned with the Catholic Church even before the scandal of his relationship became news. Especially upsetting to him were “bishops too concerned with their own images” instead of working to protect children from priests who were committing sexual abuse.
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Religious Abuse?


The Catholic Church today is mired in scandal, including shady financial dealings, pedophilia, and nuns who have been raped or have had abortions.
Clergymen who commit pedophilia are often merely transferred or reprimanded by their superiors, who often cover up the crimes to spare the Church public humiliation and the need to pay large financial damages to the victims.